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Top 10 Reasons to Teach English in Colombia

Apr 7, 2017Advice, Teach English in Bogota



Colombia is a culture-filled country which is rapidly becoming one of South America’s more developed countries. The demand for individuals to teach English in Colombia is high, which creates a large amount of opportunities for individuals who want to come and live in this spectacular country for a period of time. 

Here are my top 10 reasons why you should come and teach English in Colombia:

1) Culture: 

Colombian culture is very unique, relaxed and full of pride. Colombians tend to be very sociable people: on Friday and Saturday nights you will find lots of people in bars and restaurants. Colombians are passionate about their country and enjoy showing it off to foreigners, and on holiday weekends many people will leave the city to visit farms and countryside locations outside of the city. 

2) People:

Colombian people are generally friendly and welcoming, happy to help with a problem and eager to learn English. When presented with the opportunity to teach English in Colombia, teachers will interact with a large number of students on a daily basis, learn new things about the country and teach students valuable skills and knowledge. 

3) Opportunities: 

The country presents a large number of opportunities for individuals to teach English in Colombia, due to the high demand for native English speakers within private and public schools, as well as English institutions who work within companies. The different ways you can work as an English teacher in Colombia can be found in this article.

4) Travel:

Colombia is a unique and biodiverse country with beautiful Caribbean beaches, the Amazon Rainforest, deserts, fantastic mountain ranges, endless countryside, Caribbean islands, plains and bustling cities. Colombia is a country waiting to be explored; its year-round tropical climate makes it perfect for visiting anytime of the year. Colombia has a large number of public holidays, which gives people the opportunity to travel this vast country over weekends while still having the opportunity to teach English in Colombia. 

5) Weather:

The opportunity to teach English in Colombia also provides a chance to get away from the cold weather. Colombia’s close proximity to the equator gives it a tropical year-round climate. In the low altitude locations the climate can be around 30c year round (the climate varies depending on altitude). Bogota is one of the coldest cities in the country due to its high altitude mountainous environment: the city has an average temperature of 18c year round. The country has no regular seasons, but instead a rainy season and a couple of months when it’s windier than others. 

6) Learn Spanish: 

Colombia is a great place to visit to improve or learn Spanish while having the opportunity to teach English in Colombia. Colombian Spanish is known for being clear and easier to understand than in other Latin American countries; generally native Colombians from the Bogota region tend to have a neutral accent. There are a large number of Spanish language institutions in various cities around the country to help you learn. Some institutions in Bogota can be found here.

7) Colombian Food:

Colombia’s year round and altitude-dependent climate makes it the perfect place to grow a large variety of crops. Fresh fruits, vegetables, potatoes and other products can be grown easily all year round. Restaurants boast fresh products and a lot of foods are free from artificial flavours and colours, and frozen food is hard to come by. While teaching English in Colombia, it is easy to find delicious fresh foods from Colombia as well as good food from different countries around the world. 

8) Outdoor Activities: 

Colombia has over 50 National Parks with a diverse range of environments. You don’t have to venture far outside of any of the big cities to be surrounded by endless countryside. Rock climbing, caving, zip lining, abseiling, paragliding, rafting, bungee jumping and various other adventurous activities can be done in a large number of locations around the country. 

9) Rewarding Experiences:

Colombia is developing very quickly and this means that many students have the need, and want, to learn English in order to improve their skills, gain a promotion or work within the thriving tourist sector. Many multinational companies are establishing their South American headquarters within the country and are employing local people. These companies sometimes require a high level of English, or offer workers the opportunity to move abroad if they have a good knowledge of English. This creates a rewarding teaching environment with students eager to learn and having a willingness to improve. This opportunity to teach English in Colombia not only offers the teacher a great experience, but gives the students the opportunity to improve their lives with the acquisition of new skills. 

10) Unique Sights:

Colombia is home to some unique and wonderful places, animals and sights. The biodiverse contrast of the country provides many fantastic environments and the country is home to many endangered species of animals and plants. Colombia’s paramo ecosystem is the largest of its kind in the world and around 5% of the Amazon rainforest is located in the southern most point of the country. Colombia is one of very few countries that still has indigenous communities living in the same way they always have. 

Having the chance to teach English in Colombia is a truly amazing experience; it’s an opportunity to meet and interact with new people, experience a different culture and admire the unique biodiverse environments the country has to offer. 

Written by: Anny Wooldridge





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