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Teaching English in Colombia: Choose the best city to go

Apr 26, 2017Advice, Teach English in Bogota



Colombia is a rapidly growing country filled with opportunities especially for individuals who want to start teaching English in Colombia.

Colombia has a number of big cities – Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Barranquilla and Cartagena. In these five cities there is a demand for English teachers, while some have a higher demand and number of opportunities than others, each present unique opportunities, once you know where to look.


Bogota is Colombia’s high altitude capital city, with over 10 million inhabitants it’s bursting with opportunities to individuals to start teaching English in Colombia. Bogota is rapidly developing into a business hub and centre with a large number of multinational businesses establishing their countries headquarters or even Latin American headquarters within the city. Bogota has a large number of options which allow individuals to gain a job teaching English in Colombia including a large number of private International schools, public schools as well as English institutes. Bogota is a great place to work with English institutes because the city presents a lot of opportunities not only for employment but for classes. Many multinational and Latin American based companies are willing to spend money to allow their employees to learn English and a large number of teaching institutes are willing to sponsor visas. Here you can find out more about the different teaching jobs available in Bogota (https://www.bogotabusinessenglish.com/en/how-to-teach-english-in-bogota/) and the types of visas available. (https://www.bogotabusinessenglish.com/en/work-visa-in-colombia-cedula/)


Medellin is Colombia’s second biggest city with over 3 million inhabitants, the city is situated at a lower altitude than Bogota, giving it a year round warmer climate. Medellin is often referred to as “the city of eternal spring”, due to its climate resemblance to spring weather. Medellin is a unique city, its past reputation has over shadowed many people’s opinions of the city, but in the last 20 years the city has rejuvenated itself completely, using urban development and technology to transform the city into the Metropolitan city it is today. Medellin is a vibrant city rapidly growing with a number of businesses moving into the city and its fashion and export businesses are booming. Medellin has a number of opportunities for people to start teaching English in Colombia including schools and a small number of English institutes. Although this is true, competition for jobs in the city is high, with only a small number of institutes employing teachers and a large influx of expats into the city. Demand for teachers is still high with a small number of businesses requiring teachers for their employees. While a small number of English institutes have decided to set up their base in the city many do not offer visa sponsorship, but a large number of Bogota based institutes have expanded to Medellin. It is possible to be employed by a company such as Bogota Business English and apply for a transfer to Medellin, in some cases this is the best way of obtaining a job teaching English in Colombia in Medellin.


Cali is Colombia’s third largest city located in the south of the country, this city has a reputation for being lively and has named itself the salsa capital of the world. Cali is slowly making its way onto the business map, with a number of big companies arriving in the city. The demand for English teachers in the city can be lower than in Bogota or Medellin, with schools employing teachers and a very small number of English institutes establishing themselves in the city. It can be difficult to obtain an English teacher job and visa sponsorship in the city directly. Like Medellin, English teaching institutes in Bogota employ a small number of teachers to transfer to Cali for small number of classes, this can be the best way to obtain a job teaching English in Colombia in Cali.


Barranquilla is a port city on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, this thriving city is famous worldwide for its carnival. While this is still a small city compared to the others, they have a small demand for teachers with a number of specialist import and export businesses establishing their presence in the city. Schools hire teachers in Barranquilla but there are no English institutes sole based in the city. There is a small demand for teachers, but many of these teachers are arriving in the city working for a Bogota based company, who have sent one or two teachers to the city. Bogota Business English has a small number of classes within the city with one employee calling the city home.


Cartagena is Colombia’s Caribbean colonial city, filled with beautiful architecture and bright coloured buildings. Cartagena’s history and iconic places is helping the city create a name for itself within the tourism industry. With an increase in direct flights from the United States and Europe more tourists are flocking to see the city’s beauty. With this tourism boost bring the need for English speakers and teachers. While the number of large businesses in Cartagena is very small, there are a large amount of medium to small businesses who have a desire to learn English to communicate with tourists. Cartagena has a number of schools and but very few English institutions, and the ones with presence in the city are small and unable to sponsor visas. Like Medellin, Cali and Barranquilla, English institutions established in other cities send individual teachers to the city for small numbers of classes, which is the best route to take to teach English in Cartagena.

As you can see the demand and opportunities for individuals to begin teaching English in Colombia is high, there are options in each of these five cities for teachers to work.  

Written by: Anny Wooldridge





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