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5 Reasons Why Teaching English Abroad Enhances Your CV

May 26, 2017Advice, Teach English in Bogota



Individuales embark on adventures, teaching English abroad, for a large number of reasons: to have a once in a lifetime experience, for a gap year, to travel, to experience new cultures or to see new places. Whatever the reasons may be, everyone comes away with an individual perspective and a unique experience; this experience will be remembered forever and what many people don’t realise is that this once in a lifetime experience may also help them to gain a job in their chosen career path. 

Here are 5 reasons why teaching English abroad enhances your CV.

1. Teaching English abroad shows adaptability:

Moving to another country isn’t an easy thing to do for anybody. Leaving family, friends and a normal routine can be challenging. Although this is true, those who take the leap gain the greatest reward. Moving to a new country, finding a job there, making friends, finding accommodation, learning a new language and actually living and thriving in the new place shows adaptability. The teachers who have this experience will have adapted to a new environment, learnt new skills quickly, will have shown that they can handle a dramatic change, and will have the skills to be able to adapt to any situation in the future.

2. Teaching English abroad set individuals apart from the competition:

It can be difficult for individuals to gain a job in their chosen profession: the job market is fierce with hundreds even sometimes thousands of applicants applying for one or two jobs. Each of these applicants will have similar education experiences, university degrees, and maybe even similar work experience in the field. An increasing number of employers are now looking for activities and experiences that make a future employee stand out from the crowd. Things that set the individual apart from the rest of the pile or a special skill or exciting experience can improve an individual’s chances of being hired. It also provides for an interesting interview conversation: ‘tell me about that time you lived and worked in Colombia as an English teacher’.

3. Teaching English abroad allows individuals to gain organisational, communication and leadership skills: 

No matter the career path, organisation and communication skills are among the top requirements for the majority of jobs in every sector. Teaching English abroad allows individuals to enhance and improve these skills: every day you will be communicating with groups of students who may have trouble understanding you and you will constantly have to think of new ways to help the students learn and understand, and ultimately enjoy doing so. The ability to command a room full of students is not an easy task, every day teachers have to engage and control students, explain instructions and communicate with students who speak very little English: all these skills show good leadership qualities. To be a teacher individuals also have to be organised in the preparation of classes, and have to make sure the desired equipment, worksheets or teaching utensils are present in each class. Teachers also have to be punctual and often will have to arrive at the class early to organise the room in the desired way.

4. Teaching English abroad displays their ability to work with others from different countries:

Teachers who have experience teaching English abroad gain important skills in working with individuals who have a different nationality and background to them. You have to be open to learning about a new culture and embrace it; you discover that not everyone is the same and that every country’s traditions and cultures are different. In a world which is becoming ever smaller, the ability to embrace other cultures from your own is becoming increasingly necessary and these experiences widen your mind. Multinational companies are transferring employees all over the world, so it is not uncommon to work within your career environment with coworkers from different countries. Many people forget that different countries do things differently and can become angry or agitated by this, but experience with working with people from different cultures, backgrounds or languages demonstrates acceptance and understanding, which are valuable skills in any work environment.

5. Teaching English abroad shows future employers that the individual can take on a challenge and succeed:

Not everyone in the world knows everything; everyone is continually learning new things each and everyday. When applying for a new job it will always be a new challenge: the new company will do things differently, use different software or have different priorities so no two companies are the same. Teaching English abroad is a huge challenge as you are moving away from a comfortable country and your friends and family, and you are starting a new life in a country which maybe doesn’t even speak the same language as your home country. Teaching abroad for a year or even 6 months shows commitment to a new challenge; interviewers love the question, ‘tell me about a time when you overcame a challenge or tell me about a time when you took on a challenge and were successful’.

If you are an individual looking for a new challenge but think that Teaching English abroad will take time away from pursuing your future career path, think again. Teaching English abroad may actually help to you gain a new job or help you get ahead in your future career.

Written by: Anny Wooldridge





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