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In Bogotá Business English, we believe in being part of the community where we work. We focus on working in the most ethical way and with different communities in voluntary projects. Our current project consists in participating as volunteers in a community organization called Casa Taller las Moyas, placed 30 minutes away from Bogota.

Casa Taller is a foundation that offers a space to children so that they learn about different topics and improve their skills, including cooking, gardening, art, building and, now, English. The 90% of these children have experienced difficult family situations and they just live with one of their parents. Unfortunately, many of them have been abused (in a physique, sexual or emotional way). The abilities taught have the purpose of teaching them how to respect themselves, the others and the community, and of reminding them that there are people who love them.

Occasionally, members of the BBE team volunteer to work with the children, teaching them English and intercultural communication while they do other activities such as cooking or playing. This project is open to any person who wants to volunteer. The only requirement is to have an intermediate English level and passion for change.

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