7 Advantages of Taking English Classes Online

Nov 2, 2017 | Advice, Practice English |

In the last 10 years technology has developed rapidly, specifically within the business world and in how things are communicated and produced. Businesses and professionals alike have utilized this advance in technology to make their lives simpler. 

Businesses and professionals have developed the digital nomad ages, where it is possible to work in a job without even leaving your home, through Skype, conference calls and Google docs. This has led to a whole range of developments in other areas, specifically teaching. This Skype and conference call sharing technology has been transferred from businesses to learning. It is now possible to take classes and learn a language completely online, without attending classes. 

English online classes have become ever more popular within the last 3 years, with an increase in companies offering Skype or Hangout classes. English online classes can be beneficial for the teacher and student and here are 7 advantages of taking English classes online.

No Travel Arrangements

For a student, taking English classes online may save time on traveling. If an individual takes classes on Skype or Google Hangouts etc, they don’t have to spend time traveling to a class as they can arrange the class at work or at home. This can save significant amounts of time especially if an individual lives a significant distance from their office or an English institution. Taking English classes online can also in this way save on transportation costs, for example money on gas, public transportation or tax expenses.

Work In Your Own Space

When a student signs up for English classes online, it allows them to take the class wherever they wish to. A class can be taken anywhere for example at home, in a home office, in an office or at a hotel if traveling for work. Online English classes can be taken anywhere and the only thing required is a good internet connection. If someone travels regularly for work then they can still take classes while traveling, at hotels or in meeting or conference rooms, wherever in the world they maybe. 

Choose a Time Which Suits You

Online English classes can be scheduled in advance to suit the availability of the student. Without the requirement for transportation to and from classes, classes can be set or altered without too much trouble if something arises or a problem occurs. (Although this is true, a fixed schedule is always advised in order to be fair to the student and teacher, but this does depend on the individuals.)

Teachers Can Use The Internet as a Resource 

While teaching online English classes teachers can utilize the internet by sending links to webpages quickly through the chat boxes. These links can be to videos, online games or other interactive workshops. These can all be used and opened in separate windows along with Skype or another video chat system. Teachers can talk through or pause videos to teach or explain a rule to students.

Record the Lesson for Playback 

When undertaking an English class online, there is the ability to record the class for playback later. This allows students to repeat the class and ensure they fully understand what’s being taught in the class, or help them with homework. These class videos can also be watched and reviewed at any point in time, months or even weeks after the class, which can be useful when undertaking revision or preparing for a test.

Online materials and worksheets 

Like how the internet can be used as a resource for English online classes, worksheets and other online material can also be utilized. Online tests or games can be played by student and teacher, while the teacher is listening and giving advice on the English material. 

Native English Teachers 

English online classes can be taken anywhere in the world, which means the teacher and student don’t necessarily have to be living in the same country. As long as a good internet connection is present the teacher could be, for example, in England and the student could be in Japan. This in turn gives the student the possibility to learn English from a native speaker without trying to find a native teacher in their own country.


Written by: Anny Wooldridge


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